Monday, April 29, 2013


Well I am really bad at this whole blogging thing. haha. Since I have last spoken to you I have been working at my job, preparing for school, and most of all getting really excited about the summer.
My Plans:
June 1st - my last day of work. Take a week to get organized and packed while house sitting for a friend.
June 9th - Be in Van Horn early for youth camp. Help where ever needed. Have Tons of fun.
Rest of summer - help my pastor with youth ministry. lots of bible studies, hanging out, and games with the kids. oh and hopefully buy a car before school.
August - Come back to el paso and get ready for school at UTEP full time. EEEEK soooo excited about that!!
Then just work my butt off until I can get my degree and fulfill more ministry. woohoo!! Its going to be so awesome. and I only have a month before it all goes down! =D

Monday, February 11, 2013


Sometimes I feel so empty
Like there's nothing that can fill me
I keep wishing that I might see
A miracle, just watch you save me
I'm insecure as a fraying dry line
Telling everybody I'm just fine
I got a blind fold on me this game
Pinning the tail on a life change
Praying its the right one
'Cause I'll be stuck with it my life long
I'm the lyrics to some sad song
If I mess up and get things wrong
See, I know I'm supposed to be here
But I'm crippled by my false fear
That I'll be nothing more than a slight smear
On the print of a world who cant hear
What I'm trying to say as I build strength
Is that I'll go to almost any length
To get my name from ink to paper
But I don't know where to start so I wait here
Thinking 'If you never speak I'll decay.
So please hurry.Tell me, Which Way?'

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Will's Birthday

Forgot to show you guys some of the pictures we took for Will's 21st Birthday. I made him take me on a scavenger hunt in order to get his real Birthday Present. Here were a few things on the list.

The before picture. This is his sister CC, Will, and I just after I got to his house for the day.

Will reading the rules of the game. Get a picture of him, me, and whatever is on the list. No pictures of pictures. No buying anything. No cheating.

A womans left running shoe. His moms. 

A playground. For the child inside of us all.

A pumpkin pie. One of our favorite deserts. But because it is out of season, it took us a while to find it. Hence my face.

A taco. We kinda have a thing for taco bell. =) mmmm

And at the end of the day Will's mom made him some lasagna and Ice cream cake. Very Very Very good food. I need to steal some of her recipes. 

Saturday, January 26, 2013


Just the sound of it can change a persons mood.
We have so many different types of silence. Awkward Silence. Creepy Silence. Strange Silence. When something is Too Quiet we get nervous or try to fill the space with nonsense.
What happened to just enjoying the sweet, sweet silence?
For the past few months I've realized, I've always had some type of noise going on. Either music or a movie or texting. Always in the background filling up all the quite with useless noise. This past week I've been sick of it. I have turned everything off for a few hours a day and just sit. I dont do anything important or try to rush to get things done. I just enjoy it. And talk about peaceful. I have never felt so relaxed. I've also been trying to get into my bible reading. I'm not as big on reading my bible as I should be. I usually read before work for a few minutes in perfect silence. Its so nice. Kinda like a power nap for the brain and soul. And the more I do it the more I like it.
Somewhere in the bible I remember reading that God speaks in the quiet moments of the day. We have to constantly be listening for His voice. Though He hasnt sent an angel to tell me I could be pregnant with His son or anything, just listening a little more each day has been changing.
So enjoy your silence.

Monday, January 7, 2013

Thought yall may like to see an updated photo of me and my boyfriend William Chiappone. Hopefully I'll be able to get some more to post later.

Getting Up

So I'm trying to get back into my running schedule which was put on hold for the holidays while I ate turkey, ham and tons upon tons of sweets. My teeth already hate me. But I forgot how hard it was to get back to where I was on my exercise routine.
Today is Monday. Yesterday I set out my workout clothes and set my alarm to 7:00a and was determined to get up and go for a much needed run. I ended up waking, turning off my alarm, falling back to sleep, waking up to my second alarm at 8:25a, turning that off, dozing, and finally getting up at about 8:45a so I could get ready for work. Yeah. You can tell I'm really a self-disciplined person. My goal is to run everyday except Sundays. And in early February, My grandmother, my mother, and I are all going to join in the El Paso Half Marathon of 13.2 Miles. Last year I didnt do any training and got a time of about 2:36:48 or something close. This year I want to beat that time. I dont have to be first or anything. I just want to beat last years time. It wont happen if I cant get up in the morning. Maybe I need a fog horn like Spongebob.

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Welcome 2013

This time last year, where were you? Was it anywhere you wanted to be? And were you expecting to be where you are now?

Let me tell you something. January of last year I was in Van Horn with my parents. I was finishing high school, cooking in a restaurant, and thinking that if I didnt do something soon I would be stuck in that little town for the rest of my life. Not a terrible thought, but one that wasnt as great as others I had daydreamed about my future. Come April I resigned my job to focus on my coming graduation, which I planned almost completely by myself. The joy of being home schooled. May 5th was my graduation and in late June I moved to El Paso with my grandmother. My expectations were to jump into college as soon as possible, get a great job, and be half way through my degree before the year was out. What actually happened was I met a guy (dad swears that was the beginning of everything), couldnt find a job to save my life, and had to put a pause on school until the summer of 2013. By November I was pretty P.O.ed and really discouraged. Life was supposed to be easy, Duh! Everyone knew that one. After spending some time in prayer with my friends and church family, God gave me three jobs in less than two weeks. Talk about amazing. And I have been busy ever since. I am not at all where I thought I would be, but I have a strong feeling I am exactly where God wants me to be. Not only am I extremely blessed to be working with a group of Godly Christians and really wonderful people but I havent felt this close to God himself in very very long time. He has shown me more of himself this past year than I could have hoped for and I am extremely excited to see what he has for this coming 2013. 
Like everyone I have made some New Year's Resolutions. Eat better, Exercise consistently, Read my bible everyday. And I've also made some goals to get accomplished by the end of this year. #1 Get financial stable (with the helpful training of Grandma), #2 Get back into school ASAP, and #3 Be a better light for Christ. Who knows? By the end of the year I could be exactly where I expect. But if I know God like I think I do, I seriously doubt it. He's got my real plans laid out and ready. And I have to admit I am very excited to see what they are. So no matter what happens, Welcome 2013!